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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

Wow. I didn't think a book could out do DTI: Watching the clock. But this one is close on my lists of favorite Trek novels. It's a shame that...

It would have been great to see you write more stories with those characters. And I while some think that it had a case of small universe syndrome I disagree. I think in this case it works. It was awesome having three different stories in one book. For me it's like getting more for your money, especially since this book and Watching The Clock were page turners you didn't want to put down.

Loved the old characters, loved the new and would love to see them again some day. I think that this crew was more readable than those on Aventine.

Thanks for getting us back to what made the Star Trek novels so great. I've bought every book that's come out since 2001. And I think this one is in my top ten list.
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