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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Lt_Rowy wrote: View Post
A pair of leather gloves with sequins and a vinyl embrace the inner rebel in me lol...oh and I bought myself some comfy slippers for myself last night
The sequined gloves and the skirt will be tricky to pair with the slippers.

Lookingglassman wrote: View Post
A new house. Closed on it Tuesday in GA. Can't wait to leave KY.

Goliath wrote: View Post
A couple of books--The Beast Wthin by Emile Zola, and a selection of Lord Chesterfield's Letters.


--two tins of pipe tobacco (and a free sampler of a third brand)
--three packages of tea, earl grey, loose
--an art print


A bottle of Hammam Bouquet cologne. More floral than what I usually wear, but the flowers in question are roses, which I like.
I like reading your purchase lists; they always have something deliciously decadent about them somewhere.

Picked up a stone-coloured linen suit from the tailors yesterday. It needed a few little alterations but is now about as good as it will get from MTM rather than bespoke. Now I just need some warmer sunny days to wear it on! Hopefully won't be long.

Couldn't resist picking up a pretty funky pair of red/tan houndstooth socks while there too.
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