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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Shields still seemed to be holding…years of experience had taught him the difference between a direct structural hit and the concussive push as the paired attractor and repulsor shield generators that lent shape and a set distance as well as power to the shields fought to restore balance between themselves and transmitted that force straight to the ship’s structure through the resistance of the repulsors. This had been that kind of hit.
I must find some engineer to tell me what it all means

High quality technobabble!

Wow, Speros surprised me. Agreeing the Spiro's idea so fast...But then, he didn't have that much of a choice, especially if he didn't have a better idea than that.

But that moment of hesitation, when Berat almost begged in the privacy of his thoughts for showing some trust. He got what he needed, but I am not sure if it was his imagination, or Spirodopoulos really took a long moment (considering the situation, it was a long moment if it was noticeable) before making the decision of sharing the information.

A very good, engaging instalment
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