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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

I'm enjoying the tactical decision-making and the descriptions of the fleet movements. You put as much thought into that as you do anything else, which is a nice change from a lot of screen Trek, to be honest. And the sense of actual battle comes through well - I've always felt it must be hard to write effective war scenes, but The Thirteenth Order has a really satisfying way of keeping the action and tension controlled, so as to be effective without drawing attention away from all the other details of this world - the characters, the language, the culture. Your writing is always so measured, but not in a way that holds anything back, instead it's neatly effective at communicating the desired content.

It strikes me that there's almost a Star Wars feel to this, with the mobile rebel force trying to outwit the more powerful and established force ruling their territories.

I really liked the little cross-service confusion about calling the CO to the bridge - or, the lack of a need to. Makes sense to me - I mean, where else is the gul going to be headed if the ship's rocking itself to pieces? He or she is not going to be wandering down to the mess to pick up a fish juice.

Again, other than that I don't quite know what to say, because it's high quality as usual. One of these days I'll find a major flaw and be merciless about it; this I vow!
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