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Re: Why did Janeway have such bad taste in men...

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Is everyone here forgetting Jaffen turned Chak in - out of jealousy? Not cool. Although I guess 'Workforce' was the nearest KJ got to an 'Inner Light/Twilight' episode...

What?! No!! That isn't how I remembered it! Some creepy guy (Chak looked creepy in that "makeup") shows up and tries to tell Jaffen's girl she belongs with him. That there is this large conspiracy where Janeway and her crew were brainwashed. Jaffen was only trying to protect her from a wacky alien looking for workers. He did work with her to find out the truth and help save her butt in the end.

I also am Pro-Kashyk (Mmmmm bad boys )
and Pro-Sullivan (Mmmmm programmable)

It is no secret Jaffen, even over Chak.
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