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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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If it's even real now. There is a Catwoman pic now that AICN claims might be from TDKR but looks like the fan art I had as my avatar pic.
I couldn't believe it that AICN posted that thing. To me, it was so obviously a fake that I didn't bother linking it in the TDKR Anticipation thread.

I'll feel pretty silly if it proves to be real after this comment...
No way that Anne Hathaway imposed face on that Catwoman suit was real. It came out literally days after the announcement.

As for the Spidey poster, it could be very real. Often times early stuff is pretty plain to start with. A teaser image to let the audience know, "Hey, guess what!" Get a propety back on the public's radar. But this Spidey poster is very, very plain.
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