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Re: Just got done viewing the latest StarTrek (2009) movie.

There is an entire forum specifically dedicated to discussing this film and its sequel due in June 2012.

Pretty easy to pick up on the fact that the sequel is well into pre-production and a first-draft script has been completed. Beyond that, there is little if any reliable information as to the story or how character relationships will develop, so discounting the film at this point based on rumors of Spock/Uhura sex is quite premature. Also, to define Pon Farr as merely a synonym for sex is simply wrong. I suggest you watch TOS "Amok Time" for a thorough explanation.

As for Sulu, wild speculation again should have little bearing on your decision to see the film or not. Besides, the idea of sci-fi having only two choices of how to present homosexuality is quite simplistic and unimaginative. I won't take the bait of commenting further on that opinion.

I, for one, am greatly looking forward to Star Trek XII and will indeed see it at the cinema as intended.
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