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Re: editing & music

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Well, given that the episodes are going to have to be re-cut from stock, anyway, I imagine we're going to get some of that, regardless, seeing as they're essentially going to be re-edited from scratch, the good part being that they don't have to worry about cutting for time, just pacing and appropriateness,
Bonzo the Fifth a remastering is recreating what was already there but to the highest quality, not a reimagining. CBS will be doing this as cheaply as possible as the recreated CGI visual effects will cost a lot. All of the live-action shots will be cut the same as they were for the original master by using EDLs or eye matching. See my post on this here from the Rumor: TNG-HD thread.

Well, wouldn't the cheapest way to do that, then, be to just simply hire an editor to re-go through the footage. Without the cues to work with, just 'eyeballing' to get the closest possible match to the original episodes might actually be the MORE expensive option, as opposed to just making a quick judgement call based on available footage...

Just another thing that, while it would be nice to get as close as possible, just won't be economical in the long run.

At least that's my understanding, which assumes that nothing other than just the finished video footage exists... If the documentation and cues are still recorded somewhere, then, great, re-duplicating the episodes should be trivial, but if the archival is really as bad and non-future proofed as some posters here seem to be assume, this may get very complicated, very quickly, in which case, it would just be more expedient to say to hell with the original layout and just do a 'best guess' of the product, to prevent cost overruns.

In the end, though, I don't work in TV production, and neither, I suspect, do most of us... Whatever the result, I'm sure it'll be the most that can be done on a limited production budget and schedule. Whatever we want or however we think it 'should' be done is irrelevant, as I'm sure economics will determine all decisions related to this process...
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