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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 3: Part 3

Around the same time, a delegation of the Glen Oaks Mice approached the oak tree in the Morgendorffer’s backyard.

Captain Jaywi was surprised when one of the mice spoke. “Excuse me, Varmittan Squirrel Captain, we need to talk about the genie,” the mouse said. The squirrel jumped!

“Don’t just come up like that! It’s just as well I have been briefed on your existence, otherwise I would have been frightened,” Captain Jaywi said.

“Of course,” the lead mouse said.

“What is it that you wanted to discuss?” Captain Jaywi asked.

“About the Genie, it is highly likely that this situation will get out of control,” the lead mouse said.

“The records that the Emperor has access to seem to indicate that,” Captain Jaywi said.

“We have discussed the matter and agree that the humans, specifically this ‘Sandi’ person cannot be trusted with the emerald that this genie is associated with.”

“That is obvious.”

“The emerald thing must be taken from the ‘Sandi’ person and hidden from the humans, before more wish events occur,” the lead mouse said.

“And what will happen then?” Captain Jaywi asked.

“What do you mean?” the lead mouse asked.

“How do I know that any of the mice in Lawndale won’t be tempted to use it for themselves? It may be as bad as the High School principal having it,” the squirrel said.

“And you suggest that the squirrels hold it for ‘safe keeping’?” the mouse asked.

“That is one option,” Captain Jaywi said, cautiously.

“The same argument could be made about the squirrels,” one of the other mice said.

“True,” Jaywi said.

“Still, something must be done! We can figure out what happens to it later!” the lead mouse said.

“Also true,” Captain Jaywi said.

The squirrel and the mice continued their discussion.

As the main lunch period began, Elias went to his locker and grabbed a couple of Babylon 5 videos out of it.

Anna and Chip left Economics and decided to look for Sandi, rather than going to the science block.

As he entered the informal meeting of the Science Fiction Club, Elias was met by ‘The Head’ (So named for the MTV superhero character prominently displayed on all the shirts he wore.)

“Is it true?” ‘The Head’ asked.

“Is what true?” Elias asked.

“About the genie?” ‘The Head’ asked.

“Yes, that is true. Haven’t you seen that extra floor?” Elias asked.

“But could be a scheme of Li’s accomplished via ‘smoke and mirrors’, couldn’t it?” ‘The Head’ asked.

“Possibly, you could ask Upchuck whether that would be possible. But I have actually seen the genie, and there was that zero gravity happening earlier today.”

“I was outside, and I will talk to Charles about it,” ‘The Head’ said. He stepped aside, allowing Elias into the room.

Elias returned the Babylon 5 videos to the Science Fiction Club’s VHS library. “Did you enjoy those episodes?” Jenna Oberton-Schwartz, whom had checked the videos back in, asked.

“Definitely, Clark doesn’t know what is coming to him,” Elias said. He was curious as to the rest of the series though. “Is the Earth Civil War arc as good as the Shadow War arc?”

Jenna smiled and said “That would be telling.”

“That’s ok,” Elias said. He thought of something. “Do we have any genie related fiction here, given recent events.

Jenna wasn’t as sceptical as ‘The Head’. “We do have some Fantasy works here, but I am not sure whether they would have a genie as an important character.

A few minutes later their search had come up negative. “Oh well, I will just borrow this Conan,” Elias said.

“Good choice,” Jenna, being a large Robert E. Howard fan, said.

Anna approached Sandi from behind, in a crowded corridor, and grabbed the emerald off her, or at least tried to. “What are you doing?” Sandi and Chip said in accidental unison. (Most of the other students dispersed...)

“I wish I was near the library, with this emerald,” Anna said. She and the emerald vanished.

“This is not good!” Chip said.

Sandi glared at Chip. “Talk, you like, betrayer of a Track Star!” she said.

“I had no idea that Anna wanted the emerald for herself,” Chip said, nervously.

“Oh, Really?” Sandi asked, sceptically.

“Honest!” Chip said.

“Right! You are going to help me get that emerald back!” Sandi said.

“How?” Chip asked.

“Come with me!” Sandi said, with an expression that said; ‘This is non-negotiable!’

Elias was eating his packed lunch near the library with his friend Samara Collins when Anna appeared out of thin air.

Samara was taken aback. “Now I have seen everything,” she said.

“Why does she have the emerald?” Elias asked.

Anna turned to Elias and Samara. “Why should that Sophomore Fashion Geek have it?” she asked.

“I don’t have an answer to that,” Elias said.

“But, did you just grab it off Sandi?” Samara asked.

“Yeah, I did. So what!” Anna said, defiantly.

“Look,” Samara said, to Elias. He looked where she was pointing and could see Sandi and Chip emerge from the main building using the exit near the Cafeteria.

“This is going to be a very long lunch time,” Elias said.

“I suppose so,” Samara said.

Chip ran ahead of Sandi towards the library. “Sandi’s on the warpath,” she shouted as she approached.

Anna handed the emerald to Elias. He saw that Sandi had noticed that manoeuvre... “Yikes!” he said, running away, around the library and then towards the M/A/HE Block.

Elias exited the M/A/HE Block into the HSIE block. He saw that Sandi was close behind him.

“Like, give me that emerald, Elias!” Sandi shouted. ‘Et tu, Elias,’ she thought, remembering the most recent Shakespeare play that Mr O’Neill had tried to teach the sophomore class.

‘I can’t keep running, I have to give it to someone else,’ he thought. ‘Someone I can trust.’ He thought for a second. “I wish that I was where Jennifer Burns is,” he said. He vanished from Sandi’s view.

Sandi skidded to a stop. ‘One does not need an emerald to know where a specific person is,’ she thought. She closed her eyes and concentrated. “Finndu mann sem heitir: Jennifer Burns,” she said.
Sandi’s awareness reached outwards. She hoped that ‘Burnout Girl’ was relatively close. The locate ability was not reliable at distances greater than 100 meters.
At first she perceived the area at the intersection between the 2 buildings of the school, however within a few seconds she was perceiving all of the Music/Arts/Home Economics block and the northern half of the HSIE block, as well as part of the Quad and the sports facilities. She found Jennifer (with Elias) outside a history classroom two thirds of the way down the HSIE block on the second floor (at 110 meters).
“Right,” she said, snapping back to herself. Normally she would rest after such an experience (at least that was what her mother had drilled into her), but she then dashed off.

Near the HSIE block, Scarlett froze ‘That’s strange’ she thought. It was like a presence had briefly appeared around her. ‘Strange things are definitely afoot in Lawndale this month. She hoped that it was linked with the genie. ‘Two separate things would be too much to deal with.

“Something wrong?” Tananda asked.

“Something,” Scarlett said, enigmatically.

Jennifer was surprised (almost scared) when Elias appeared out of thin air. She recovered quickly. “Why do you have the emerald?” she asked.

“A senior took it off Sandi, and to escape her wrath she gave it to me. Sandi thought we were in collusion,” Elias said.

“So you wished yourself here?” Jennifer asked.

“I ran off first, but she followed. Then I wished myself here,” Elias said.

“Ok, but what now?”

“Keep it out of her hands?” Elias asked. ‘It may be for the best. There is no telling what she may eventually think of,’ he thought.

“Maybe,” Jennifer said, thinking.

Whilst Jennifer was in thought, Elias saw Sandi up the corridor. “Yikes!” he said.

Jennifer looked in that direction. “Yikes, indeed,” she said. “I’ll take the emerald, keep it out of her hands.”

Sandi was running in their direction. “Done!” Elias said, handing the emerald to Jennifer. Jennifer immediately ran off.

“Burnout Girl! Give me that emerald!” Sandi called.

Jennifer grimaced, she hated that nickname. ‘Just because I am relaxed a lot of the time...’ She found the stairs. “I wish for zero gravity inside the school buildings, whilst Sandi is inside them, until the end of the lunch,” she leapt down the stairs; “from now,” she said. The wish was granted...

A while earlier
‘The Head’ found Upchuck, otherwise known as Charles Ruttheimer III, down the hall from the classroom where the Science Fiction Club held its unofficial meetings.

“Charles? May I ask you a question?” he said.

“Ask away, my Head fan friend,” Charles said.

“You know how that there is now an extra floor on the building we are currently in?” the Head asked.

“One would be blind to miss something like that,” Charles said, wondering what his friend was getting at.

“Would it be possible for Ms Li to hide its construction whilst making it appear that there is a normal roof on the top of the building?”

Charles thought for a moment. “It would be nearly impossible,” he said.


“Consider the sunlight, and the shade cast by the building each morning and evening. If the construction of the additional floor was hidden from view from the ground, or across the quad, the construction and whatever is hiding it would cast an additional amount of shade on the ground and the other buildings.”

“And you would be at the school early or late enough to know this?”

“Of course I am, extra credit you know, and to view some of the luscious ladies as they arrive or leave!” Charles said, adding his customary growl.

“You said nearly impossible.”

“Yes, it would be possible to use mirrors to redirect the sunlight, and that of the lovely moon and stars, around the construction zone, but such a rig would be very expensive, and someone would notice it at that point.” Charles’ voice dropped to a whisper “It would also be out of the budget range of any public high school principal, even that of our Machiavellian Ms Li.”

“So you are saying that there is a genie?”

“Occam’s Razor, my friend, Occam’s Razor.”

Then Jennifer’s wish was granted. Both Charles and ‘The Head’ started drifting upwards.

“Also; note this happenstance, do you feel any harness?” Charles asked.

“No!” ‘The Head’ said, distressed.

“We are feeling like we’re in space, or in free fall, not like we’re being suspended. This is way beyond the abilities of any stage magician, even those of the great Houdini himself.”


The Cafeteria; a while earlier
Daria and Jane were in, eating lunch, when Brittany came up to them. “Hi, Daria, Hi Jane,” she said.

“Hi Brittany, what is it?” Daria asked, seeing that the cheerleader had a quizzical expression on her face.

“Um, you know the events at today’s recess?” Brittany asked.

“Yes?” Daria asked.

“And that there is a genie?” Brittany asked.

“Yes?” Daria asked, wondering what Brittany was getting at.

“So, do you think that this is going to, like, change things in Lawndale?” she asked.

Daria and Jane looked at each other, wondering how to answer Brittany’s question. Daria spoke first. “Most likely it is.”

“Um, any idea how much?” Brittany asked.

“I don’t know Brittany. It depends on who gets the emerald and what they wish for,” Jane said.

“Also on who finds out about it. For example, if there is no telling what would happen if Ms. Li for instance, finds out about it,” Daria said.

Brittany thought, twirling her hair, and came to a conclusion. “Eep!”

“Exactly,” Jane said.

“Don’t worry, we have a plan to distract her,” Daria said, trying to be reassuring.

“Quinn thought it up,” Jane said.

That wasn’t reassuring to Brittany. “Eep!”

Daria glared at Jane. “It is actually a good plan,” she said, as Jane shrugged.

“So, even though you think there are going to be drastic changes, you are, like, trying to keep them from getting too drastic?” Brittany asked.

“Yes,” Daria and Jane said. However, at that moment, Jennifer’s wish was granted.

“Not again!” Brittany squealed.

“Great! Now we have to institute Quinn’s plan!” Jane said.

“What sort of plan is it anyway?” Brittany asked.

“A distraction,” Jane said.

“For it to work, we will have to get her out of the building,” Daria said.

“Let’s go!” Brittany exclaimed. She pushed (jumped) off the table towards the doors, sending the table into Daria and Jane’s laps.

“Ouch!” they said, as they tried to scramble past the table.
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