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Caprica soundtrack

There's not really an "article" or blog post about this, but since things in the BSG world are pretty slow right now, I thought this was news worthy....

If you scroll down to the second to last comment, which is dated May 19, Bear McCreary posts this in one of his comment responses...
Johnathan… “Hey bear are you going to release the Caprica series Soundtrack soon?”
Sort of. “The Cape” soundtrack is up next. “Caprica” is on deck after that.
Is anyone else excited for this? I'm stoked! I love all of McCreary's work for BSG, and have really enjoyed what I've heard on Caprica so far. I haven't seen the second half of the series yet, but I checked out his blog post for the final episode of Caprica and I really liked the music he was pulling together for that. I look forward to adding the Caprica album to my collection.
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