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Re: Random ship stuff I've done...

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And the fifty year old Valiant mentioned in "A TAste Of Armageddon."

What if the Farragut ("Obsession") or Republic ("Court Martial") that Kirk served aboard had not been Constitution-class?

A 22nd century starship.

An early 23rd century starship.

22nd century variants (one of my favourites).

TOS era destroyer/scout.

Great work! These are my favs^^. I especially like what you did with the Swiftsure, and with the cargo pods added it really adds some logic to the design rationale.

I really like your Farragut/Republic also; you've really captured the feel of a pre-tos era ship there!

Regarding the tas aqua shuttle concepts, which are great by the way, had you considered, or were you inspired by, the unused tas concept that's referred to in the officers manual as a "scout craft"?
I was looking at that the other day and thought that it (or a variation) might have made a better aqua shuttle than the design they used?

Anywho, again great work there and I'll be looking forward to more of the same!
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