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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

^^ That's quite a promise to live up to.

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Nice. That's one of the drawbacks to the advent of e-books; it will put an end to used books if they take over completely.
I've been perfectly able to get obscure horror books for my kindle for a reasonable price. My original 1978 Penguin copy of Dracula isn't going to disappear because of it either.
Yeah, but they'll never have that used book smell.

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Yeah, authors who have had their works out of print for years are finding new life in ebooks.
And probably making more money. My Kindle book only costs 99 cents, but I make three times as much per sale as I do with the paperbacks.

I read one of Guy N. Smith's "Killer Crab" novels years ago, and I've kind of always wanted to find some of the others or anything else he's done. Now he's got tons of his stuff on Kindle, and, I assume, on Nook. Not only is the whole "Crab" series there, but also his werewolf series and lots of other stuff.
"Killer Crab" series. There was a giant crab short story in that giant monster anthology that came out a couple of years ago; I wonder if that was an excerpt. Scanning his page at Amazon, it seems he writes novels in the B-Movie tradition.
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