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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

Altogether an excellent book - it seems like the premiere of a rebooted SCE that got cut off before it really got going (I'm not saying it was before certain people jump down my throat, just that it seemed like it) with the Romulan/Hera section stuck on the end as almost an afterthought.

I liked the "new" characters - Vol needs to make a comeback at some point, even if Carolan suddenly lost all of her coolness (imho) in the jump between the two sections of the book, and we never really got the fleshed out character for Kat that we really should have recieved. It's these that make me think that perhaps we were intended to have more adventures with the crew.

Like others, the science was a smidgeon tough to visualise and understand at points, but otherwise enjoyable and, dare I say it, educational. The one thing that really let the book down was the numerous editing faux pas' - punctuation was missing and, at one point, a Benzite became a Bolian in the space of a few sentences. I know that there has been some upheaval in the editing process at PB - but if I can pick it up and let it pull me out of the story then it should have had the same effect on someone who has been paid to read the book and pick up on these things.

So, there we have it. A good book let down by a shoddy editing job and the feeling that this could have been so much more than it achieved. One of the better Trek books in recent months (it took over a month to read Path to Disharmony but under a week to read this) - it would get a 7/10 if I were scoring it and it could've inched up were the editing issues to have been sorted out.
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