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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

I finished the book yesterday, let everything settle a bit, now I'm ready for some comments.

Overall, I enjoyed IFM. The plot was keeping me interested, which is always imported. There was very nice twists and surprises that kept me going. It was awesome to see some old faces again, though at times I thought one or two less would've worked just as well.

I did have a few issues. The pacing was off at times, for example


Personally, I feel it could've been drawn out a bit more.

The dialogues at times were confusing sometimes, not being clear who was saying what.
And, personally, I was missing a bit more character development perhaps.

Overall though, a very enjoyable read, and it was great to have a Geordi novell after all these times!!

David, keep up the good work, next time you write a Star Trek novel, I'm reading it.
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