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Re: Resistance is Futile: The T.H.U.G. Collective is TRIP-tastic!!

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I'm not worried about being spoiled, especially since I'm seeing the episodes so out of order. Heck, I've already seen "These Are The Voyages" so I know what happens there.

I am just very aware that I don't know many details about Trip and T'Pol's relationship...but if anyone would like to fill me in, I'm quite ready to listen. It's driving me nuts that I have to rely on SyFy to get my fix. I'm hoping my husband is picking up the hints I keep dropping about how the DVDs would make a nice birthday gift.

JiNX-01, I found your fic and am looking forward to reading it.
Cool. Hope you like it.

I didn't like the way the TnT relationship was written. Apparently nobody on the writing staff had any kind of handle on how to bring a Vulcan and a human together in an adult relationship. So what did we get? Adolescent angst. Trip loves her but never tells her so. T'Pol clearly wants to be emotionally close to Trip, but never takes the step. (it's pretty clear based on episodes like Fusion, Damage and Home that she knows she doesn't have the same level of emotional control as other Vulcans. So why doesn't she just go ahead and take ownership of her own feelings and let the rest of Vulcan social norms be damned?
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