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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Food for thought...STNG made $500 MILLION from syndication fees, it made $90 million a YEAR in its original airing in advertising revenue, plus $70 million from licensing and affiliate station fees(according to California Business). This does not count merchandising or DVD sales (also $455 million from the movies, not counting merchandising or DVD/Bluray sales, add at least another $200-250 million to that figure). By itself in terms of the actual airing of the show, its beyond a billion $ how much do you think it would make from Netflix...Itunes....Bluray? There is no way this is not getting made...

Since the entirety of the Netflix deal is for $200 million for many Paramount properties... I'd say not much.
That doesn't include remastered though does it! its only the current series. Then there is itunes and Bluray...

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