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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I think an undertaking like this should be done at 4K resolution, the current digital cinema standard. It's not absurdly different than 1080p and would probably future-proof the work for 15 years. At that point 4K will probably be making its way into many homes and they can re-re-release it to cash in again, any maybe justify the extra expense at redoing the effects at a much higher resolution than HDTV... and in the short term you could do some theater screenings a la Fathom Events.
I mentioned it in Future of Trek for the next Trek TV series:
next Trek series pilot in cinemas as double feature from Paramount?

and there was the double episode of TOS that got a special event at the cinema:
TOS "The Menagerie" in 2007 in cinemas

Oh I LOVE this idea: BOBW in theaters with a remastering??? Instant best theatrical Star Trek movie! Also like the pilot idea for the next series...

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