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Re: Star Ship Polaris

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
That is CGI, right? Damn. Awesome.
No, it's real. I've got some pretty nice null-gravity drydock facilities out back where I've been building a full-size mock-up. Why the heck do you think it's taking so long?

Belisarius wrote: View Post
Really liking the worn texturing on those thruster cowlings, Vektor. You trying it out or are we going to see that kind of weathering in the final?
I'm about ready to call those engines final. I'm certainly not going to change anything at this point, though I may add some greebling and some different color accents here and there.

B.J. wrote: View Post
Cool! The large engines kinda remind me of some of the first jet engines, which had multiple cylindrical combustion chambers around their axis.
I can't really tell you where the idea for these things came from. I had been playing around with a bunch of different ideas based on everything from contemporary fighter jets to Star Wars star destroyers and nothing was really tripping my trigger. Then one day I was doodling on my Cintiq and somehow came up with this:

I was thinking at the time about introducing some more organic lines into the design. I was also still following an earlier request from Dennis and Aridas to include some "nautical elements." Maybe it's just coincidence that the engines wind up looking a little like ship's propellers, or maybe not.

Anyway, as you can see if you look closely, the realized engine design came out almost identical to that concept sketch.

Dennis wrote: View Post
This is awesome. The first challenge for those of us into whose care Vektor places this mesh will be to convert it and do a good job of recreating these textures in the CG software we're working with.

DS9Sega and I decompressed on Monday by touring the Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum - lots of great reference material there on the history of flight and space flight, lots of inspiration for detailing and textures on the various ships this movie will require.
I'm still hoping the conversion process will go relatively smoothly, but just to be safe, I am trying to avoid any complex UV mapping for the textures and I am keeping the material definitions as simple as possible. What you see in these latest renderings is just a rectangular image map in a couple different shades applied with cylindrical UV mapping. The material is a Mental Ray material but the settings should be pretty easily adaptable to whatever Lightwave uses.

And if you got any pictures at the Museum, send 'em my way and let me know what your thoughts are on applying them to Polaris.
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