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TOS has been remastered twice, now, hasn't it? If I recall correctly, back in the early 2000's
yes in 1999. telecined at 1080i.
for broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel. Fully digital, high-definition transfers were done of all the episodes in the series, using the original film interpositives from the studio's vaults. Then, the D1 master tapes were "cleaned" using special digital filters to reduce the amount of dust and dirt visible. The result, on virtually every episode, is a crisp and vibrant picture, with terrific contrast and lush, accurate colors. The video isn't exactly reference quality. There's a lot of grain that shows on the print, which results in some artifacting and blotchiness after MPEG-2 compression. You'll also still see occasional dust and scratches on the film. And there's been some kind of digital edge enhancement applied to the video, because some of the edges seem unnaturally sharp

TOS and TNG are both very profitable properties for CBS.
DS9, VOY, and ENT are not in the same way.

I've seen VOY on a 46" HDTV that was being fed by a composite video signal and it looked good enough to my eyes.

TNG on the other hand had analog videotape masters for the first few seasons and looks awful compared to VOY from 1997.
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