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Well, given that the episodes are going to have to be re-cut from stock, anyway, I imagine we're going to get some of that, regardless, seeing as they're essentially going to be re-edited from scratch, the good part being that they don't have to worry about cutting for time, just pacing and appropriateness,
Bonzo the Fifth a remastering is recreating what was already there but to the highest quality, not a reimagining. CBS will be doing this as cheaply as possible as the recreated CGI visual effects will cost a lot. All of the live-action shots will be cut the same as they were for the original master by using EDLs or eye matching. See my post on this here from the Rumor: TNG-HD thread.
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does this mean they'll have to re-do all the music, too, since they don't have the timing cues or anything to work with?
No. CBS will use the stems that were prepared for the 2002 DVD release when they remixed to 5.1 surround sound.
I'm guessing a few more sound effects will be added if the visual effects space shots require them.
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