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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

Have you seen this from BioChannel?

Captains of the Final Frontier (1 of 6) Everyone and TOS!

Loved Picardo's take on who gets cast as a Trek actor. Good hair, good tush, great voice!

Loved Picardo's comment that every Captain since Kirk got less and less sex, until they just gave it up and just "got a dog".

Part 2 of 6 More TOS

Part 3 of 6... TNG! And a little DS9.

Part 4 of 6... DS9! And a fair amount of Voyager.

Loved the discussion about the "previous" Captain Janeway.

Part 5 of 6... Voyager! And of course... Enterprise!

WHAT word did Picardo say about Kate, that had to be bleeped???? Whatever it was, he thinks she has it in "spades".

200,000 dollar reshoot, because TPTB didn't like her HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

"Gunslinger Kate!"

Part 6 of 6. Enterprise! AND the Rebooted Star Trek!
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