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Re: special features wishlist for TNG-R Blu-ray

GNDN wrote: View Post
Most deleted scenes are cut for a reason, don't know that I'd want them re-edited just because. I think a selection of deleted scenes would be fine for the most part, but interesting to know of scenes only cut for time.

How about a PLAY ALL BUTTON?!?! especially for 2-parters? And a chapter stop between the "previously on" re-cap and the rest of the teaser?
Well, given that the episodes are going to have to be re-cut from stock, anyway, I imagine we're going to get some of that, regardless, seeing as they're essentially going to be re-edited from scratch, the good part being that they don't have to worry about cutting for time, just pacing and appropriateness, so some eps might get tightened up a little and others may get a bit of breathing room.

One question I had about that, does this mean they'll have to re-do all the music, too, since they don't have the timing cues or anything to work with? Not that this would be a terrible thing if it came to pass, assuming they could get Ron Jones to step away from Family Guy long enough to come score it.
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