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Almost dying? Discovering her admired captain was part of the conspiracy and then seeing him die?
I guess you missed the episodes where she gets blown up in her apartment, almost freezes to death in Rick's arms, her ex partner betrays her trust and then later on gets killed.
You know, it's really childish to accuse someone of being ignorant just because they disagree with your interpretation. I'm perfectly well aware of those episodes, which is why I don't think they're the same thing as what happened here. In her blown-up apartment, she had time to duck into the full bathtub and wasn't substantially injured. In the freezer, again, that was a fairly brief brush with death, not as severe as actually being shot, bleeding out, and (presumably) having to spend a significant amount of time in the hospital to recover. Between that and all the other ordeals she went through in this episode, she's very likely to come out of this with PTSD.

I did some research, and apparently post-traumatic counseling is sometimes mandatory in the NYPD but generally voluntary, and I wasn't able to find what the specific breakdown was. Apparently I was right that most police departments require counseling sessions after a "critical incident," usually defined as a police shooting, but it doesn't say anything about being shot. And apparently there's a lot of resistance to counseling within police culture due to fears of stigma, which is just stupid. We've really got to outgrow these absurd mental-health stigmas and recognize that the brain is no different from the rest of the body -- sometimes it gets sick or injured and needs treatment to get better, and counseling is just part of how a responsible person takes care of one's health.

So if Beckett does refuse therapy after this, it will be consistent with the culture she's part of, but it will still be a very foolish choice. I hope she has the intelligence and maturity to seek therapy.
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