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Re: Transporters Yay/Nay

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What about Evil Kirk, the Mirror Universe, Sisko, Bashir and Dax who were accidentally transported to the year 2024, by an explosion in a microscopic singularity while passing through the solar system at the time of the beam-out, or how about when most of the command staff of DS9 were tranferred to the Holosuite as holograms, Tuvix, Weyoun 5... just sayin...

Nice try, but those were generally the result of "weird spacey stuff" happening and no one died during those instances except for Weyoun 5 (which appears to have been a deliberate act of murder). Evil Kirk and Tuvix were successfully reintegrated to their original selves. And the transfer of DS9 command staff into a holosuite was done to keep them alive after a runabout explosion.
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