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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I think an undertaking like this should be done at 4K resolution, the current digital cinema standard. It's not absurdly different than 1080p and would probably future-proof the work for 15 years. At that point 4K will probably be making its way into many homes and they can re-re-release it to cash in again, any maybe justify the extra expense at redoing the effects at a much higher resolution than HDTV... and in the short term you could do some theater screenings a la Fathom Events.
I mentioned it in Future of Trek for the next Trek TV series:
next Trek series pilot in cinemas as double feature from Paramount?

and there was the double episode of TOS that got a special event at the cinema:
TOS "The Menagerie" in 2007 in cinemas

It's highly doubtful TNG-R would be anything more than pillarbox 1080p. Only major motion pictures get a 4k post production pipeline. Even highest rated current episodic TV series only get 1080p masters.
quick example of May 17 ratings (18-49 category) for previous week for dramas:
Glee FOX 3.7
Criminal Minds CBS 3.3
all of these are mastered at 1080p.

Mr. B is correct in the additional render time and costs involved for 4K and that is only reserved for major motion pictures.
HDTVs now in 2011 only have penetration in North America of 60%. In 15 years there will not be a 33% (mainstream) of 4K televisions and cable/satellite delivery of 4K TV channels. By then TNG will be a 40 year old TV series. 1080p will be perfectly adequate for it.

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I don't see CBS putting more money than they have to into this to future proof it when it's not an issue at this point in time.
Very well said.
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