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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

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I think we'll see the classic companions coming out slowly, and likely in two-packs like Peri & Sil.

So, Jo Grant next and I'm hoping we get the Brig.
I can't wait for the companions.

My wishlist:

classic Sarah Jane
Romana II
Romana I
Considering who she is, Susan is important but I'd give her a miss. And I'd want Tegan in there.

And in other news, they announced the Time Warrior set. Same shit as the Sontaran Experiment set. A repaint of an existing Doctor. A lame Sontaran Pod ship with no interior, just a door that opens to reveal a tiny chair and a Sontaran that's just a slight tweak on the last one.

Like I mentioned up thread, I know a lot of collectors that aren't completists that are having an easy time passing on all of these.

CO really, really needs to step up their game. Almost everything they've done recently have just been bloody repaints.
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