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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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A 35mm film frame has the equivalent of 25-50 megapixels of usable information, which is about equivalent to a 4,500 line image, but Super Hi-Vision or something like it is at least 20 years from wide adoption
True, the point here is that the series need to be open to future upgrading.

Also, as the article says the best 35mm and HD are already roughly equivalent to human eyesight, because of the lines of res, anything else is just gravy..
I would agree with that. Personally I think an undertaking like this should be done at 4K resolution, the current digital cinema standard. It's not absurdly different than 1080p and would probably future-proof the work for 15 years. At that point 4K will probably be making its way into many homes and they can re-re-release it to cash in again, any maybe justify the extra expense at redoing the effects at a much higher resolution than HDTV... and in the short term you could do some theater screenings a la Fathom Events.
I do hope they scan the film at higher res, and edit it at higher res, but for the CG I'd rather them keep it at 1080p and worry about the next upgrade in 20 years when it's an issue again. If you double the dimensions, you've got 4x the pixels to render, which means roughly 4x the render times for the CG (probably slightly less). This means either more money spent on computers to render, which may mean money taken away from somewhere else, or they have to lower the CG render quality to compensate for the extended render times. Either way I'm seeing a sacrifice would have to be made somewhere, because I don't see CBS putting more money than they have to into this to future proof it when it's not an issue at this point in time.
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