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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

I just hope they don't air the episodes in order.
New FX and sharp picture won't make me excited for "Encounter at Farpoint" (or any other season 1 episode).

I mean, I could take remastered "The Last Outpost" between "The Wounded" and "Ensign Ro", but having to sit through a whole season of trash before the good stuff comes along would be terrible.
If they can work out some clever airing order, that would be great.
Like they would air "Data's Day" pretty soon (because of Keiko), but not before they air "The Neutral Zone" (b/c of the Rommies "being back"). For DS9 that wouldn't work, but for TNG it might.
They also should start with BOBW. It will get people's attention.
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