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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
I think that meeting AU Dukat, even if he didn't know that much about him, was a great experience for Aladar and changed his perception of certain things.
I think his role in researching what had happened to AU Dukat had to have shown him how smart he was. I'm sure he knew already, but this was proof he could show to his commanding officers. He was recognized for what he could do.

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Before, such as during the coup, I feel that sometimes he failed to question and think about things as deeply as he should have, because of who was involved.
So you don't think that he was able to think independently and that he actually agreed with what he participated in, but it was only her bad influence instead? His wrong decisions were her fault too? Everything was her fault?
He had his brain and he used it. I don't think blaming her for his decisions is fair.
I think that during that period in his life, he was to at least some degree blinded by hero worship. While I think that he probably believed he was evaluating things 100% objectively, I really do not think he had objectivity when it came to things that Jarol brought up, until their positions became reversed. Once he outranked her, I think their relative positions caused him to have to consider that when he made a decision--after all, you cannot be credible as a leader if you favor certain subordinates or anything like that. I think that brought him some objectivity when it came to work decisions. That was an important point of maturity for the character and one that I considered a milestone.

That said, when it comes to objectivity, I certainly don't mind Brenok trying to find a way to save Jarol. I think that what he's doing is something that not only a friend--but a good commanding officer should do. Even when a person is a co-worker and nothing more, I don't think you just throw people away.

But even the way he scrutinized her reports shows that he doesn't have rose-colored glasses on, as a leader. He's able to see what's going on and face that truth. He doesn't try to deny it.

Thankfully, that objectivity gained is (I hope) going to save Jarol's ass.
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