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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

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If it needs to be pointed out, no, we didn't.
Your comment doesn't even make sense here.
Let me clear it up for you then. A hushed whisper to her son about a comic book character doesn't count as calling Clark Kent "Superman." Especially when he wasn't even in the scene.
Which wasn't your original complaint. You said that the name of "Superman" wasn't said at all in the episode. I called you on that claim and proved it was. You misrepresented your point when first posting it. It wasn't so much that they didn't say "Superman", but that they didn't do it the way you wanted it.

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Even if they would have changed it to "Sam eventually made it back home." I would have been happy. The whole entire run of the show we heard that Sam was hoping that his next leap would be the leap home, then they say he didn't do that, it broke my heart. I was really disapointed. TATVS takes the cake for me though. I can forgive all of the other shitty endings, but TATVS I can't forgive.
I see what you mean. I understand you can be disappointed if you were hoping he'd get home in the end. I kind of like it, though, that Sam was still out there helping people.

TATV's not a bad episode in itself. Just a terrible series finale. I appreciate what Berman and Co. were trying to do; it just didn't work.
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