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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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Especially not after AU Dukat. True, he wasn't around AU Dukat much, and didn't ask too many questions--but I think saving someone's life and helping them get back to their own universe would have to be a very memorable experience in one's life.
I think that meeting AU Dukat, even if he didn't know that much about him, was a great experience for Aladar and changed his perception of certain things.
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As for the Federation--oh, this could get interesting really fast if the Rathosians find out the Federation never came to help them, but only came to watch them die! Yet the Cardassians came to help them.
Ironic, isn't it?

The Federation's reaction to Cardassian presence in the system--and fighting, no less--is going to be in the next chapter so...stay tuned

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But I think that maybe if a psychotherapist can help her come to that realization in a more healthy way, give her some clues towards finding a new purpose where she can do something that serves people rather than commanding them, that would be a good thing.
Her healing will be shown. Initially, I intended the sessions to be "behind the door," but when I was re-reading my Shaping a Cardassian story, I started to write the sessions, so you will have a chance to see what she goes through and if the "crazy" medic helps her.
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Before, such as during the coup, I feel that sometimes he failed to question and think about things as deeply as he should have, because of who was involved.
So you don't think that he was able to think independently and that he actually agreed with what he participated in, but it was only her bad influence instead? His wrong decisions were her fault too? Everything was her fault?
He had his brain and he used it. I don't think blaming her for his decisions is fair.
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