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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

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We didn't even get to hear the name of Superman in the end.
As I pointed out earlier, yes, we did.

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^ That is a little unfair in QL case considering the show was canceled. The last episode wasn't intended to be the series finale, iirc.
Perhaps, but my point still remains. I think with QL they had enough of a warning to at least bring Sam home.
I was under the impression that they didn't. The episode was already finished when they learned of the cancellation. However, they did have enough time to slap a title graphic on at the end saying that Sam never made it home.
Even if they would have changed it to "Sam eventually made it back home." I would have been happy. The whole entire run of the show we heard that Sam was hoping that his next leap would be the leap home, then they say he didn't do that, it broke my heart. I was really disapointed. TATVS takes the cake for me though. I can forgive all of the other shitty endings, but TATVS I can't forgive.
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