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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

So I finally got a chance to see this. I gave it a blur, I just couldn't give it Superman because well, we got ripped off. I will say, I liked this finale a lot, it reminded me of season 3 or 4 a lot. We got to see Lionel one more time bieng evil, I thought it was great. Tess got a good end, but it could have been better. I feel bad for Tess. I loved the conversations that Clark had with Johnathan, Lois, Martha, Lex, Oliver, all conversations were good. The conversation with Lex reminded me a lot of the earlier seasons, but also including seasons 5-7, so it was truly FrankenLex. I liked the fight with Clark and Oliver, but it was a little short.

So, to the things I didn't like. Obviously the Darksied fight was shorter than the Doomsday fight, very disapointing, but I expected this. The endin scene left us hanging, i'm sorry but I thought this was the Series finale not the season finale. This would have been good to lead into a new Metropolis show, but my god, even in the finale they tease us? Do they care about us at all? The conversation with Jor-El/Johnathan in the Fortress was good, but it seemed like they were talking to the audience, "remember Smallville" like they are trying to hypnotize us. Putting on the suit was about as lame as it gets. I mean come on, they gave us 30 fucking seconds of Superman, my god! I expected it, but still, now I know how Count Dukoo felt when Anikan chopped his head off. Chloe, well i'm not sure if her and Oliver are married, but if they are, that does not jive with the comics. I'm not a big fan of Chloe, so I really don't care, I am glad they didn't kill her off. Those are my complaints.

Overall, I did think it was good. I am not satified how it took all season long to get to this point, they could have done a few things early on. Like others have pointed out, he should have become Superman or at least learned to fly oh about five seasons ago. On that note, he didn't really "learn" to fly, but it was cool how it happened. I wish they would have taken the oprotunity to showcase all of his abilities. The wedding stuff was typical, they could have cut the crap and gave more time to fighting Darksied. Of course pleasing fans is too hard for them and disrupting weddings is what they live for. In my final thoughts, is it possible to be disapointed and yet satisfied at the same time? This felt like a really good season finale and an above average series finale. Still nothing is as disapointing as TATVS. It will be hard to top the suckiness of that one.
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