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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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The Amazing Spider-Man's budget could be as large as 220 million!

I thought the entire reason they were doing a reboot was so they didn't have to spend as much money?
There were rumours that this movie would be more angsty and less action-packed and would have a smaller budget as a result. But I always was dubious of this. The real reason why there was a reboot was that the studio and Raimi couldn't agree on a path ahead for Spider-man 4 and thus they all went their separate ways.

It was inevitable that the success of the last 3 would see more Spidey movies being made. Whether it came too soon to reboot and whether this one will be any good remains to be seen; I'm certainly glad that the studio has seen the wisdom of spending plenty of money on it; who wants a cheapo, modern-day Superman IV-type budgeted Spider-man movie?!
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