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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I'm glad Aladar shut up the misbehaving team. Not only was that disrespectful towards the Rathosians, but just imagine if an Oralian had been on that team and heard that remark. Obviously I'm sure the Oralians are used to hearing all sorts of sarcastic and even cruel remarks--but no one should have to be used to that sort of treatment. And I don't think Aladar would ever want someone to be used to that.

Especially not after AU Dukat. True, he wasn't around AU Dukat much, and didn't ask too many questions--but I think saving someone's life and helping them get back to their own universe would have to be a very memorable experience in one's life.

As for the Federation--oh, this could get interesting really fast if the Rathosians find out the Federation never came to help them, but only came to watch them die! Yet the Cardassians came to help them.

I wonder if the Federation observers, should there be any, will decide to spread bad rumors about the Cardassians to try and turn the Rathosians against them. (Because of course THAT kind of interference would be A-OK, but saving them wouldn't be! )

Somehow I could see the Rathosian world--in the future--becoming a Union world rather than a Federation one. I wonder how that treaty with the Federation would do then, given that it could easily look like a repeat of Bajor to someone cynical...even though I think your Cardassians would rather trade than steal.

As for Jarol being relieved of duty...I think that needed to come. She didn't need her work--her work was killing her. I still don't think she should be in the military anymore, period. She became corrupted because of taking power; like Kai Winn, she needs to walk away from that if she is ever going to heal. Not just being a legate--but holding power over others' lives, as she still does as a gul. But I think that maybe if a psychotherapist can help her come to that realization in a more healthy way, give her some clues towards finding a new purpose where she can do something that serves people rather than commanding them, that would be a good thing.

As for Brenok...thankfully, he seems to have moderated the influence he took from Jarol. And now that he's shown he can give orders both previously and now, without being in her shadow, I think he's come out from under her influence. That is an important sign of maturity in him as a character. Before, such as during the coup, I feel that sometimes he failed to question and think about things as deeply as he should have, because of who was involved. I don't think he became cruel, as Jarol fears now--but I do think that he failed until this breakdown to question the hard person she became. Now I am not as concerned about that. I think what will be best, though, will be a situation where he can enjoy her presence as family but in a more equal way.
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