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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

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I can see most of that, but not Beckett going to a therapist. If she wasn't going to one all these years over her mother's death, over all the shit she sees day to day as a cop, I don't see what is going to motivate her to do it now.
Almost dying? Discovering her admired captain was part of the conspiracy and then seeing him die? That's well beyond the usual stuff she endures, and it would be deeply reckless for her not to go to a therapist after such a traumatic ordeal. Indeed, I imagine it's probably standard procedure for officers who've been shot and nearly died to be required to talk to someone in the wake of it, just as (if I understand correctly) they're required to talk to a therapist after shooting someone.

And who says she's never been in therapy before in the wake of her mother's death? We've only known her for three years.

Venardhi wrote: View Post
Anyone else feeling that the scene with her dad felt a little fishy? Later, when he mentions her dad they're interrupted before he can mention the visit. Fake dad? Big bad? Big bad evil Daddy? Intentional distraction? There is something off there.
Yeah, I was suspicious of the dad the moment he showed up and tried to get Castle to convince her to drop the case.
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