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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I have no doubt that all of the filmed elements can be reused. The resolution may not be the best, but the model effects look great and I would hate losing them.
The big potential improvement in TNG FX isn't so much in the model quality (although certain aspects of the 4ft model, like the deflector - could stand to be improved), but the relatively limited shot selection - how many shots of the E-D from above are there, for instance? (It was almost entirely shot from below - technically above since it was upside-down - not for artistic reasons, but because the model was a lot easier to handle that way since the design was so top-heavy).

Even just a few new stock shots to mix in with the standard ones would be nice.

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(It sounds like, from what the DS9 book says, that the spinoffs saved their elements, but I'm not sure if that changed or what happened since then).
I'd have to check EAS & Drex Files to be sure, but ISTR that while many of the models still exist (Doug Drexler's posted renders of a lot of them), some of them are damaged due to newer versions of the software not reading them right, combined with them not being designed for HD resolution. And they don't necessarily have the data to just rerender the scenes straight up even if the models were perfect.

Read these bits: &

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[There is] a 16:9 version with cropped live-action and expanded CGI effects.

A lot of HD syndication channels preferred to buy the cropped version because idiots complain about black bars left and right,
which is why it was produced.
What markets showed this version? I've never seen or heard of it.
CBS Action in the UK show the cropped version, for starters.
Someone could make the argument that new FX of the E-D would go a long way towards "correcting" the discrepancies in the various models of the Enterprise.

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