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^^ Yeah, the amnesia bit is too hokey.

My prediction:
They'll start season 4 several months later (as they did with previous seasons) and Beckett will be recovered, physically at least. She heard what Castle said to her before she passed out, but she's going through so much sh*t that she can't deal with it right now. Castle will be there to support her, and not push the relationship thing until she's ready. Beckett will start seeing a therapist, and will want to move slow with Castle.
Montgomery was pulling police files out of a safe at his house, and he sent a letter somewhere, so I'm sure those will play a big part in continuing that storyline.

I'd like to see Esposito and Ryan get more to do, maybe have Castle work just with them for an episode or two as Beckett is recovering.

Damn this show. I love it too much!
I can see most of that, but not Beckett going to a therapist. If she wasn't going to one all these years over her mother's death, over all the shit she sees day to day as a cop, I don't see what is going to motivate her to do it now.

Montgomery was a betrayal but so was what she went through with her ex partner earlier in the season. She deals with things herself, processing her emotions in her downtime alone. This is integral to her character and it's the reason why she needs Castle as part of her life to pull her up into the sunshine regularly, as was well described in the finale.

I'm left with the impression the sudden move by the bad guys was motivated by Montgomery's impending retirement? So Beckett wouldn't have been on his leash anymore? But I'm not sure if the episode spelled that out.
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Wow, I wrote this 5 months ago and I can't believe how close I was to the identity of the 3rd cop! So it was indeed Montgomery, except that he had to give away the ransom money to the "big bad".

The only remaining suspect is the Mayor, so I'm placing my bet on him!
And the mayor was pushing Castle onto Beckett all this time as well, and regularly mentioned by Montgomery.
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