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Re: aspect ratio & framing

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The challenge would be bridge shots that included someone sitting at ops and other people standing. Would all the heads fit in? Would you end up with an awkward half Worf out of frame? Etc...
AviTrek see this post from the other [What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?] thread.

TOS-R honored the original framing of TOS by using pillarboxing.

The Twilight Zone is out on Blu-ray now and also honors the 4:3 framing using pillarboxing.

in the early 2000s the HD cable channel got the HD licensing rights to broadcast Hogan's Heroes. They cropped & stretched the image to fill the screen.

Universal HD broadcasts Hogan's Heroes in 1080p High Definition, with the picture being "cropped" and stretched to fit 16:9 television screens, rather than being "pillarboxed" as most non-widescreen programs are on high-definition TV.
If you want to know what it would look like see that show on Universal HD.

I think CBS Digital would do the same framing with TNG-R as they did with TOS-R and honor the original framing so compromises are not made.
I agree CBS will keep the original framing. My comment was, that if they tried to crop it would be difficult because of the multi-leveled bridge. Just another reason why they won't crop(beyond original artistic intent)
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