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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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CBS Action in the UK show the cropped version, for starters.
I was just going to post that. It's the Doomsday Machine now, and in standard definition - it looks stunningly bad.
What was so bad about it? The cropped framing? Or the SD picture quality or both?

I would never want 16:9 to be the only version available, but I would be interested in seeing it presented properly, cropped judiciously without in-frame tilting, in full 1080p with the new widescreen visual effects. I'm sure there are exceptions here and there, but I feel that most of the live action shots in TOS and TNG would not be detrimentally hurt by trimming the top and bottom.
The challenge would be bridge shots that included someone sitting at ops and other people standing. Would all the heads fit in? Would you end up with an awkward half Worf out of frame? Etc...
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