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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

Wow.. best season finale so far and what a drama it was. It was clear that Montgomery was involved somehow but halfway through the show i was suspecting that he was the brains behind all this but i'm glad it turned out like it did.

Awesome moment with Esposito and Ryan dealing with their emotions after the find out out Montgomery is the 3rd cop.. their world is shattered to pieces and in their anger, rage and confusion they turn to violence to let it out. I think that's very human and shows how much they care about their team and that this "betrayal" hits especially deep.

The Castle/Beckett relationship.. damn. From their final confrontation in Beckett's appartment where they, or at least Castle, admitted that there's more than friendship and zeroing in on her deepest secrets tp him holding her in his arms and saying the three most important words it was pure gold.
When i was checking up Youtube about Castle (watch the Gag reels... they're awesome! ) i saw several interviews with the producers and cast and they are well aware of the possibilities but also limits of sexual tension between main characters and they also know that you can milk that only so far before the audience gets tired of it and it becomes lame when writers pull dumb reasons out of their hat to prolong it further.
So i believe this is it.. he said, she heard it and Castle being greenlighted for the 4th season she will pull through and we'll most likely see their relationship evolve to the next level. And who's to say that has to be boring? Castle is still this grown up kid who's never had a meaningful, long term relationship and she's a kinda control freak (to exaggerate a bit) so there plenty potential for awesome scenes of them taking the next steps.

Fall can't come soon enough.
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