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U.S.S. Voyager (My Series ReBoot)

Captain William Riker (Human)
Lieutenant Commander* Ro Laren (Bajoran)
Lieutenant Tuvok (Vulcan)
Lieutenant Aiva Stadi (Betazoid)
Lieutenant JG* Sean Hawk (Human)
Lieutenant JG* B'Elanna Torres (Human/Klingon)
Lieutenant JG Ezri Tigan (Trill)
Ensign Sam Lavelle (Human)
The Doctor (Hologram)
Neelix (Talaxian)
Kes (Ocampa)
Seven of Nine (Human [former Borg drone])

* - denotes Provisional rank
I thought Hawk died and Ro was gone? And what about Titan?
It's a total ReBoot of the series, so things that happened on the various series and films either happened differently or didn't happen at all.

The basic premise of this came from another forum where someone thought about a universe where Janeway was Picard's "Number One" in TNG. So I took Riker and gave him Voyager.

The characters are similar but different to the Prime Universe (and before anyone asks, no this is not Abramsverse either), for example:
Riker - 35 year old hotshot officer, landed his first command and becomes stranded in the DQ on his very first mission.
Ro - Made Lieutenant Commander before defecting to the Maquis, she was in command of the raider lost in the DQ.
Tuvok - Not originally part of the crew, but a Starfleet spy on the raider, he takes over at Security/Tactical after the original officer was KIA.
Stadi - Opted for the sciences instead of flight control. Served with Riker on the Hood, and is his closest friend on Voyager.
Hawk - After losing someone very close to him at the hands of the Cardassians, he joined the Maquis but was later caught. He was on special release to help them out.
Torres - Pretty much the same, though despises her Klingon-half (and Klingon culture) with a passion.
Tigan - Ezri was a hopeful Initiate who was undergoing field training under Dax on DS9, and hitched a lift home on Voyager when the ship was lost. Days after their arrival she discovers she is pregnant after a whirlwind romance on DS9.
Lavelle - A gifted young officer, straight out of the Academy. Essentially Riker's mini-me.
EMH - The Doctor is younger and has hair. He is still gruff and blunt with his patients.
Neelix - A very different look to the character, with more of a charming roguish Han Solo personality, which hides a very sad and hard past.
Kes - The eternal optimist. Though naive she is a quick learner. The Ocampa now live for about 25 years.
Seven - Formerly Ensign Jensen Ackles, a stellar cartography officer onboard the Enterprise-D when it encountered the first Borg Cube, he was in the section of hull that was carved out and then assimilated. He joins the ship during the Borg war with Species 8472.

The script for my ReBoot "Caretaker" can be found:
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