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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

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To me, Smallville was never REALLY Superman anyway. Jor-El, an invisible god from an ice cave? Clark Kent and Lex Luthor best buddies? Lois Lane living on the Kent farm? Killing off Jimmy Olsen before Clarke became Supes? Come on! Smallville was never meant to be a Superman prequel or anything...
People say this a lot, but for all the show's faults, it has stayed true to the basic story of Superman. Plus, Jor-El in an ice cave, and Clark and Lex knowing eachother in Smallville didn't originate with this show.

timothy wrote: View Post
all so you gotta wonder who was lex's running mate and who ran aginst him .
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Pete Ross was the Vice President in the comics during the "brief" Luthor Administration. If Sam wasn't in Jail, I wonder if his character would have been standing beside the President elect?
That's the answer I was going to give to timothy's quote above... Pete Ross.
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