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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

Christopher wrote: View Post
Okay, so he did the wrong thing for the right reasons. But that's more a desperate necessity than a heroic act to be celebrated.
Then we will have to agree to disagree. He knew who he was dealing with, and what they were capable of. You can call it desperate, and I would agree... and I think the character would agree on that. Heroic? that' also a point to debate, but I would still support the decision simply because of who he was dealing with and the knowledge of what they would do if they were allowed to leave the scene alive. Then again... maybe Lockwood did survive and was actually Beckett's shooter. That's unlikely though, given the proximity of Montgomery's gun when shot and the amount of time until Montgomery's funeral.

And it didn't ensure Beckett's survival at all, did it? So how do we know his family is safe either? Violence may look like an easy solution, but it rarely is. It usually just perpetuates or worsens problems.
It increased the odds, because otherwise she doesn't even get out of that hangar area alive. Montgomery's choice was Beckett or his family. All of them were innocent and none of them deserved to die. None of his choices involved his own death. That is the only solution that could have possibly avoided any violence on Montgomery's own part. Yet it would achieve nothing. Sacrifice himself and Beckett and his family probably both die.

Nobody said this was an easy solution. It was simply the least objectionable one, imho.

Jax wrote: View Post
Well I knew he was going to die due to the reitrment line in last weeks episode but how they fitted into the bigger arc was nice and his last stand was fantastic but I will miss him so much.
Agreed on all counts!

That was the best episode of Castle to date and probably the finest hour of TV this entire season imo. The cliffhanger felt uneeded though because of course she survives and am guessing she was wearing kevlar and just wak knocked out by the impact, those things can still knock you down even if they don't go through. Due to the clues of how he has gain power then the two most likely candidates for the BIG BAD has to be the mayor or the chief of police...wonder who they will cast for the role?
Agreed on this particular cliffhanger, because yes... you know she will survive. This isn't the type of show that takes too many chances. However.... it's my understanding she was not wearing a kevlar vest, simply because there was no room for it, given the images we saw. Even some slimline version would probably punctured by the kind of rifle a sniper like this is likely to use.

Its going to be a long summer either way and I wonder who will be casted to join the cast next season to replace our fallen cpt.
I suppose anything is possible, given tv history.
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