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I completely support his speed-shoot tactic, though. He knew he was not coming out of this alive. That Han Solo choice helped him ensure his family's - and Beckett's - survival.
Okay, so he did the wrong thing for the right reasons. But that's more a desperate necessity than a heroic act to be celebrated.

And it didn't ensure Beckett's survival at all, did it? So how do we know his family is safe either? Violence may look like an easy solution, but it rarely is. It usually just perpetuates or worsens problems.

- how does Beckett survive, because she obviously will. Did she or Castle dream this ending? She wasn't wearing a kevlar vest or anything. It's been suggested that she kept Montgomery's flask as a memento, and may have had the old deflection save
More than likely, she will receive emergency medical treatment in time to save her life. TV and movies tend to show gunshots as instantly fatal or nearly so, but in reality it can take a considerable amount of time to die after being shot, depending on the location of the impact and the type of bullet used. We saw Beckett lose consciousness, which in dramatic code means dying, but maybe she just passed out from loss of blood. Maybe the shot missed a vital area. Indeed, the very fact that she passed out slowly is a good sign. If her heart didn't instantly stop beating or her brain shut down from the shock of impact, then it suggests (if we treat it realistically rather than melodramatically) that the force or internal damage delivered by the bullet can't be too great, and that the main problem is blood loss. Or so it would seem to me based on my limited understanding of these things.

At the very least, she was shot in the middle of a crowd of police officers, people who are trained in rapid response to crisis situations. It's a given that somebody was calling in an ambulance within seconds after the shot was fired. The quicker the response time, the better the odds of surviving a gunshot.
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