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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

Well I knew he was going to die due to the reitrment line in last weeks episode but how they fitted into the bigger arc was nice and his last stand was fantastic but I will miss him so much.

That was the best episode of Castle to date and probably the finest hour of TV this entire season imo. The cliffhanger felt uneeded though because of course she survives and am guessing she was wearing kevlar and just wak knocked out by the impact, those things can still knock you down even if they don't go through. Due to the clues of how he has gain power then the two most likely candidates for the BIG BAD has to be the mayor or the chief of police...wonder who they will cast for the role?

Its going to be a long summer either way and I wonder who will be casted to join the cast next season to replace our fallen cpt.
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