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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

Did NOT see that coming with Montgomery. Sure, I noticed the focus on him at the above mentioned point. Still, I figured it only meant he was hiding knowledge of who this third copy was, not specifically that he WAS that cop. I completely support his speed-shoot tactic, though. He knew he was not coming out of this alive. That Han Solo choice helped him ensure his family's - and Beckett's - survival. As did his unwillingness to reveal the name of the guy responsible for this.

Chatting about this with my son afterwards, we've been wondering a few things:

- did Beckett hear Castle say "I love you" or was she out of it by then? If she did, it ups things after their argument. If she didn't it gives the writers an out to avoid the resolution and let it ride.

- how does Beckett survive, because she obviously will. Did she or Castle dream this ending? She wasn't wearing a kevlar vest or anything. It's been suggested that she kept Montgomery's flask as a memento, and may have had the old deflection save

- who is this "big bad" that Montgomery refused to reveal? Is it someone we've already seen? They've taken great pains to avoid divulging their name.
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