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^Possibly. Though to be perfectly honest I think Garrus is a little too high maintenance for Shep. Male or female.

After thinking about it for a bit, I'm not sure I agree with the idea that it'd be out of character for Tali to be attracted to femShep. For one thing, all notions of attraction, regardless of gender goes right out the window when it comes to interactions with alien species. Now to a quarrian in particular, they spend most of their lives not even seeing each other's faces and anything even approaching nudity outside of a sterile clean room is as good as a death sentence. So even among their own kind attraction isn't going to be based on physical characteristics, it'll be based on personality and emotional bonds. Tali clearly has a serious case of hero worship for Shep (male or female) so it shouldn't be out of character. It's not as if human sexual dimorphism would matter much to any other species but humans.
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