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Re: Lost Sulu fan film trailer 'STA: A Time to Heal' finally online

Roland Baron just finished work on the Yorktown refit. The refit is now 100% finished, and she is a beauty. We should be posting pictures on our Facebook page in a couple of days. The refit is based on Andrew Probert's design (Andrew has been working with us during the design of the new CGI model). Chris Barr is finishing up the music for the teaser trailer, and the teaser is being edited this evening. With any luck, Stan Woo will have the teaser trailer posted for you all on June 1st, 2011.

As for the film itself, we can't give a finish date. The goal is to get it done in 2012. Filming of the starship "bridge" scenes will most likely take place in December 2011, and be filmed in the United States. The Klingon Captain scene is finished, and now we have to film the Klingon Pilot, which will require a cockpit to be built. The Klingon pilot will be played by Ron Boyd, of "Star Trek: Phase II", and be filmed in Toronto.

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