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Re: Resistance is Futile: The T.H.U.G. Collective is TRIP-tastic!!

Ahhhhh, the irresistible aroma of New Threadness.

JiNX-01 wrote:
Rules of the THUG Collective

1. Pictures Posting Please (links count!)
2. The superlative from HoT from now on will be Trip
3. Snapper and Me-Ike are always right.
Who are Snapper and Me-Ike, you ask?

They created the T.H.U.G. Collective in the first place. At JiNX's request, here's a holdover from the last Trip thread--read and learn:


Here's a primer from the "Trip Tucker: Resistance is Futile!" thread from 2006.

Snapper wrote:
At the botttom of the salpool is the THUG archive, and I am proud to present it in it's sad entirety.

Me-Ike wrote:
'Surrender. We're the THUG. Trip's Horny United Gals.'
Snapper wrote:
I choose THUG as the name. Trip-Has-Unusual-Girlfans.
Trip-Has-Unusual-Geraniums? (It's late)
Notice the geraniums reference is mine. Cooleddie's is coming soon. I think I was referring to the flowery patterns CT sometimes has on his shirts. Or I'd had one glass of wine too many, take your pick!

startraveller776 wrote:
How about Trip's (a) Hot Underrated Guy?

Or just Totally Hot, Unbelievably Gorgeous?

Does it really matter all that much? As long as we're all members of the T.H.U.G. collective and we all drool over that sexy man?
THUGs are unanimous in this regard, hence the salpool.

HopefulRomantic wrote:
Ladies, I've laid mah pics before your altar of T.H.U.G... Trip He's Unbelievably Gorgeous.
DAK wrote:
^ Hey, we are the THUGs - The Honorary Undisputed Gutterly Scholars. We like school.
Dak and the gutter. I don't see any connection.....

And finally,

cooleddie74 wrote:
Trip's Holey Underwear is Good?

Trip Has Ultra Goodness?

Trip's Horny and Unmarried, Girls!

Trip Hates Ugly Gorns?

Trip Has Uruguayan Guacamole?

Trip's Hair is Unbelievably Gorgeous?

Trip's Hot and Ultra Good?

Trip's Hairdresser is an Uzbek Gynecologist?
End of THUG seminar. There may be a test tomorrow.
And since one of the rules for membership is to post pictures...

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